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Currently in slumber
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The Brotherhood is currently in a slumbering state as the leader has been engulfed in an epicx20 monster called real life.
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Vaskira, Jun 9, 11 5:10 PM.
Thanks to Nialiassah's donation, I have been busy redoing and rearranging things. If you see something missing or something you would like to add let me know. The library forum is gone, all information is now on the library tab.

New Master

Vaskira, Jun 1, 11 9:30 PM.
Congratulations to Lord Dolthaic N'Zylaith, Master of the Divine.  Dolthaic as agreed to take on the mantle of officership and direct the priests and faiths of the Brotherhood. 

Congratulations and Thank You

Vaskira, May 24, 11 11:45 AM.
Thanks to the efforts of Dolthaic, Jilar, and Nialissah, the guild is now at 20.  With this added rank we gain more slots and more things are available to purchase on city vendors for members.  Congratulations to everyone. Each advancement makes us stronger.


Vaskira, Apr 20, 11 7:18 AM.
On 4/19 (by the gnomish calendar), The Brotherhood has gained enough reputation, prestige and honor with the Agents of Neriak to earn the use of heraldry.  Much blood was spilled to gain such glory.  Each step down the path makes us stronger and more unified.

Renovations continue on the temporary headquarters of the Brotherhood and a grand opening to the public is being planned.

Great work everyone!

Guild attains level 5

Vaskira, Mar 28, 11 6:33 PM.
On 3/27 the Brotherhood attained the 5th ranking and is now known to the public (i.e. our guild name is now visible). Renovations are in progress on the Brotherhood's stronghold and supplies are being stockpiled.
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